The Fat Loss Factor

The Fat Loss Factor

What is The Fat Loss Factor?

The Fat Loss Factor is an all in one fat loss program that includes everything you need to be The Fat Loss Factorsuccessful in losing weight and getting fit. This system was created by Dr. Charles Livingston, aka, Dr. Fat Loss, who was completely inspired by a mother named Lori. He designed a fat loss program to help her lose weight, which she dd. Lori lose an astounding 90 pounds and 16 dress sizes. She went from weighing 210 pounds, to 120 pounds!

After this huge accomplishment, Dr. Charles put all the tips and tricks that helped Lori lose the weight, into one big program, called The Fat Loss Factor. This system has some of the biggest fat burning secrets that date back to the 1950’s, and are proven to work.

The Fat Loss Factor comprises of easy to follow diet plans, grocery lists, mini-workout exercises for different levels, detoxifying tips, personal email coaching and so much more! You won’t be counting calories, or stressing yourself out at the gym, or sacrificing your favorite foods. You can still eat the foods
you love and still lose weight, it’s about moderation, and the Fat Loss Factor tailors to that.

The Fat Loss Factor

How Does The Fat Loss Factor Work and How Can I Lose Weight?

The Fat Loss FactorLosing weight can be a struggle for anyone, and often times, this reason can be because your liver is blocked. If this is the case, no matter how much exercise you do, or diet plans you try, you will not be able to lose weight, or even if you do, it will just be temporary and you’ll gain the weight back again.

So, why is the liver so important in your body’s ability to lose weight fast? The liver breaks down and metabolizes your body’s fats and toxins, which then secretes bile. Bile transports the remaining fats to your small intestines, and that eventually produces the waste we eliminate from our body. After your small intestines, bile then returns to your liver. If there is still an excess amount of fats in your bile when it returns to your liver, then your liver may become clogged.

The higher your livers metabolism is, the more efficient it can break down your fats, but if your liver becomes blocked during bile regulation, then your liver can’t metabolize and break down your fats. This causes you to gain weight.

Therefore, before any kind of exercise or diet plan you try, it’s vital to ensure you clean your liver, and that it’s functioning properly, otherwise you’ll waste your time and money on programs that will eventually make you gain the weight back again. Cleansing your liver by detoxifying it is the best way to ensure liver functionality, which is one of the fundamental steps in The Fat Loss Factor system. As long as your liver is clean, functioning and not clogged, your liver can burn fat 24/7, including while you sleep. The Fat Loss Factor shows you how to do this and much more, to ensure that you’re successfully on the right track to losing weight.


What Are The Fat Loss Factor Steps?

The concept behind The Fat Loss Factor comprises of 4 basic steps.

The first step is to clean your liver. The Fat Loss Factor affirms that in order to lose weight fast and to keep that weight off, your liver needs to be detoxed. That’s why the first step is to detox cleanse your liver and “restart” your body.

The second step educates you specifically on the right types of food to eat for weight loss, that won’t hurt your bank account. You’ll also understand how you can still eat your favorite foods in moderation and still lose weight.

The third step focuses on spending less time working out doing strenuous exercises. It only takes approximately 15 minutes of cardio a day, for 3 days a week. The point is to get your muscles active, and cardio is great especially weight loss, but as long as you follow The Fat Loss Factor, you’ll exercise less and still lose weight.

Step four will change everything you thought you knew about weight loss. You’re openly told why other dietary plans and programs fail, and why The Fat Loss Factor diet won’t. This step will broaden your mind, and you’ll never look at fat loss diet programs the same ever again.

All the information provided in The Fat Loss Factor, is very easy to understand, and can be very practically applied to your everyday lives, no matter the lifestyle. What many find very challenging about this program, is sticking to it. Not because it’s hard to complete, but because it’s different. You’re changing your mindset, refreshing your body, and slightly altering your regular dietary habits. Doing anything different can be a struggle to stick with it, but you have to persevere, continue following The Fat Loss Factor system and you can lose weight fast!

The Fat Loss Factor

What Do I Get With The Fat Loss Factor?

The Fat Loss Factor

Purchasing The Fat Loss Factor will get you instant access to an abundant amount of resources. You’ll be set up from day one, with everything you need to be successful in losing weight and finally achieving that weight loss goal.

Fat Loss Factor Book: In this book you’ll learn all the inside tips and tricks to losing weight quick and keeping it off permanently. You’ll be taught the truth behind weight loss and how you can still eat your favorite foods, but still lose weight.

Liver and Body Cleansing Videos: The best way to learn is to visually see it, and with The Fat Loss Factor, you’ll have access to detox cleansing videos, so you can begin achieving you weight loss goal with a fresh, metabolizing body. Completing this cleanse is vital in you being able to successfully lose weight.

The Fat Loss Factor’s Customized Software Program: This program is your ultimate guide to eating out. You don’t want your social life to end just because you’re trying to lose weight. You’ll have access to search through over 70 fast food restaurants, with over 5000 different foods, and view their Fat Loss Factor ratings. No more guessing, know what you can eat when you go out, so you can still socialize, without affecting your weight loss goals.

Pre-Created Grocery Lists: Grocery shopping can be strenuous and be overwhelming, especially when you’re buying new food items to help with your weight loss. So why go in there guessing? The Fat Loss Factor shows you exactly what to buy. You’ll save time and money with these pre-created grocery lists.

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Exercises: To ensure you’re losing weight as efficiently as possible, you’re also given exercises that are separated based on your fitness level. Start from where you’re comfortable, and grow from there.

Five Sample 15-minute Workout Routines: The Fat Loss Factor doesn’t want you guessing when it comes to the foods you eat, so why should you be left guessing how to work out. You will be given 5 different exercise samples to start off with, so you have a base to work with. Once you’ve mastered those workouts, you can customize the routines so they’re more tailored to your own personal fitness goals.

The Fat Loss Factor Measurement Form: Looking at yourself in the mirror isn’t the best way to know if you’re actually successful in losing weight. That’s why you’re given a measurement form so you can keep track of your progress. You’ll know exactly how you’re improving with numbers and facts.

Goal Setting Guide: Setting goals for yourself is an excellent way to ensure that you’re always moving forward with your weight loss plans. If you don’t set a goal with a deadline, then you won’t have something to focus on and strive for.

Food Diary and Exercise Log: Similar to keeping track of your body measurements during your weight loss journey, it’s also really important to log all the food you eat and exercise you do. When you finally log your food items, you’ll notice everything you eat that makes your weight loss goal harder to accomplish. Everything adds up, especially snacking, and this log will help you realize all the good and bad eating habits that you have. Similar concept to exercising. Time flies, and an exercise log will tell you exactly when you’ve worked out last. Don’t keep mental track of everything, write it all down.

One Full Year of Personal Email Coaching: The owner of the Fat Loss Factor, Dr. Charles Livingston, wants you to be successful in losing weight, so he is available to you for a full year via email, for any questions, comments or concerns you may have, even if you need a bit of motivation to keep you going, he’ll be there for every step of your weight loss journey.

Free Lifetime Updates: Information is always evolving; new things are learned every day. When you purchase The Fat Loss Factor, you’ll receive free updates on all this information. Don’t fall behind just because the program you purchased was released two months before a newer version, you’ll have free access to any updates The Fat Loss Factor has, ensuring you are losing weight the best possible way.

The Fat Loss Factor


Bonus Video 1 – What Not to Wear: The clothes you wear play a large part in how you look. Wearing certain styles can make you look slimmer, or even bigger than your current body type. It really is about the way you dress. This video will show you what to wear that best flatters your body type.

Bonus Video 2: The second bonus video teaches you what to look at when buying food from the grocery store. You’ll also learn about how and where certain foods are located. Everything is strategically placed, learn how to differentiate between foods that will help you lose weight, and the foods that won’t.

The Fat Loss Factor 


What Is The Fat Loss Factor Guarantee?

The Fat Loss Factor gives you two guarantees:

  1. If you follow and stay on track with this system, you WILL see results.
  2. If you’re unhappy with the program, you can refund everything, get your money back AND still get to keep the program.

There is no risk in trying this program. Best case scenario, you can finally achieve your weight loss goal, worst case scenario, you get your money back and still get to keep The Fat Loss Factor, so you can even try it again in the future, maybe you’ll be happier with the results at a later time.

PLUS… if at any point, you have any questions, concerns, or even want to share your story with Dr. Charles, you can simply email him at


The Fat Loss Factor