The Alternative Daily Coconut Oil Weight Loss

The Alternative Daily Coconut Oil Weight Loss

The Alternative Daily Coconut Oil Weight Loss book reminds us, that in today’s society, we become so accustomed to consuming whatever man made processed medication that we can find in order to cure whatever ailment or medical issue that we have, but we forget, that not only for generations before the advancement of medicine, but also in other countries where people don’t have access or can’t afford these medications, ailments are being cured every day. How is it possible if they don’t have proper medicine? That’s because they take advantage of what Mother Nature offers them. With new forms of medications for all sorts of illnesses being created every day, we often overlook the many health benefits good old Mother Nature can provide us with. One commonly seen fruit that we do this with, are coconuts, which is the core ingredient in The Alternative Daily Coconut Oil Weight Loss book!

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Why Coconuts?

The Alternative Daily Coconut Oil weight loss book specifically focuses on coconuts because of its many healing benefits. Coconuts are often regarded as the “tree of life” because of all the good it can do for your health. Before World War II, people of the islands consumed coconuts as part of their daily diets. This was an efficient way for people to receive essential vitamins, minerals and fibers, plus coconuts are found in abundance in the islands or in tropic like places. People often viewed coconuts as “The Cure of an Illness”, as it was the “go-to” fruit for preventing and healing various ailments, such as coughs, constipation, malnutrition, skin infections, toothaches and earaches. The oil of the coconut is known to prevent and protect you from different bacterial viruses, infections, cancers, heart problems and even weight issues.

Not only were islanders getting the health and weight loss benefits of the coconut, but their skin also maintained its elasticity, softness and overall youthful complexions. This may not seem like a big deal, until you realize how much time they spend in the blistering sun. Much more than how many the average person would spend in North America. Isn’t that peculiar though? North Americans spend far less time in the sun than people who actually live on an island, yet we have higher rates of skin cancer and other sun exposure related diseases.

A few years after World War II ended, a big health scare swept the nation, and people were lead to believe that hydrogenated oils were healthy to consume. As a result, people stayed away from saturated fats, which in fact are the “healthier” of the fats. It’s no coincidence, that one fruit that has the essential saturated fats, are coconuts. Shortly after the hydrogenated oil fad took over North America, it made its way to the islanders, who then began to consume much more of the foods that used these oils. When the diets of these islanders changed, that’s when an increase in heart conditions, cancers and obesities began to take over. The changes in these health conditions are largely impacted by the processed substitutes that are being consumed by those islanders instead of the natural products. In other words, less coconut and other natural food consumption, and more processed items, equals to higher illness rates.

4 Oils to Avoid and Never Consume

Many of the common cooking oils that so many of us use on a daily basis, or are included in other foods that we eat, are incredibly bad for your body to consume. Even oils that have been known to be “better for you”, are still doing more damage to your body than benefiting it. Well that lack of information ends right now, because listed in The Alternative Daily Coconut Oil weight loss book, are four types of oils that you do not want to enter your system, especially after the reading the reasons why. Fair warning, you will be shocked at how often you probably consume all these oils on a daily basis, you’ll find yourself checking ingredients more thoroughly now. This is only a small portion of what’s included in The Alternative Daily Coconut Oil Weight Loss book.

Canola Oil Alternative Daily Coconut Oil Weight Loss

1. Canola Oil:  First off, canola alone, is not something found in nature. In order to get canola, you have to process rapeseed oil, which is a type of oil commonly used in Asian and Indian cultures. During the processing, omega 3’s become significantly reduced as the rapeseed oil gets heated, bleached and deodorized, to turn into canola oil. As bad as the refining process is to get canola oil, the plant in which all this oil stems from, the rape plant, contains a compound within it that even insects and other animals avoid in nature. The reason why Asian and Indian cultures still consume rapeseed oil, is because their portions are significantly less than the amount that North Americans consume. Plus, it’s not the original rapeseed oil North Americans consume in large quantities, but its processed and modified counterpart, canola oil.

Cottonseed OIl Alternative Daily Coconut Oil Weight Loss2. Cottonseed Oil: The reason why you should not be ingesting cottonseed oil is in its name, cotton. Cotton is simply not meant to be eaten, it’s meant to be used in making clothing or other products that humans do not eat. Cotton is an industrial plant, yet, you’ll find this ingredient in so many different packaged, or canned foods, and even drinks, contain cottonseed oil. When cotton plants are grown, their crops are sprayed with whatever pesticide and any toxic sprays in order to keep insects off the plants, and because cotton plants aren’t meant to be eaten, the types of sprays being used don’t consider that fact, their one and only goal is to keep the bugs off, not worry if the plant is safe for humans to consume. Bottom line, keep a special eye out for products that use cottonseed oil, and stay away from it.

Safflower Alternative Daily Coconut Oil Weight Loss3. Safflower: Many have believed for a very long time that safflower oil was a great substitute for consuming animal fats because it resulted in a decrease of cholesterol. Yes, that’s a good thing, but safflower also increase your omega 6’s, and an imbalance between that and omega 3 fats, increased deaths related to heart diseases.

Soybean Alternative Daily Coconut Oil Weight Loss4. Soybean: This type of oil surprised me personally the most, because like many others, I’ve fallen into the hype that soybean is so incredibly good for you, and you should be eating more of it. This misconception may have been partly lead by the large amounts of soy that Asians consume. The reason why it’s okay for them to eat large amounts of soy, is because one, their portions are smaller, and two, they consume soy in its fermented state. In North America, about 90% of the soy that we eat are processed and hydrogenated GMO’s. For those reasons, soybean is another type of oil that you should play cautiously with. Check your labels a ingredients, see how many products actually contain this unhealthy oil.

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9 Reasons to Use Coconut Oil

Coconut, and the oil it creates, has many health benefits. Here is a list, provided from The Alternative Daily Coconut Oil weight loss book, of just 9 of those reasons to convince you that coconut oil consumption should be an integral part of your dietary habits.

1. Coconut Oil Has The Healthiest Ingredient on Earth
Ever wonder why it’s best for a mother to breast feed her child to build their immune system? That’s because breast milk contains high quantities of the ingredient lauric acid. There are only two other substances that contain similar high levels of lauric acid, and one of those is coconut oil.

2. Coconut Oil Fuels Your Metabolism
Consuming coconut oil stimulates your metabolism, and an increase in your metabolism, allows your body to break down foods faster. As a result, by fueling your metabolism, you have a higher chance of weight loss, therefore, coconut oil can help with weight loss.

3. Coconut Oil Helps Your Thyroid
Using coconut oil for your thyroid is an important factor, especially for women whose goal is weight loss. Losing weight is almost impossible if you have problems with your thyroid.
What’s unfortunate, is that most processed products contain iodine blockers, and iodine is what you need for a healthy functioning thyroid. So if your foods are blocking that iodine, your thyroid won’t function properly, and your weight loss goals will be affected negatively, no matter how much you work out.

4. Coconut Oil Protects and Beautifies Your Skin
Not only do you receive internal health benefits from using coconut oil, but when used externally, it can also do wonders as a beauty product for your skin. Coconut oil can not only keep your skin free of wrinkles because it’s a natural moisturizing cleanser, but it also acts as a sunscreen against harmful sun rays that cause you to look like you’ve aged.

5. Coconut Oil Can Help Your Brain
It’s important, especially as you age, to continually keep your mind sharp and active to prevent diseases that affect the mind, such as Alzheimers. To keep things simple, coconut oil supplies your body with an energy source, called ketones, to help your brain.

6. Coconut Oil Battles Cancer
We all have cancer cells in our body, and for the most part are dormant, but when we feed those cancer cells and activate them, they can multiply and quickly take over our bodies. But there is a way to fight that, and that’s by starving our cancer cells and not giving them a chance to activate. The main thing we can do is watch what we eat. Our ingredients, know which ones to stay away from, like sugar, and know which ingredients to eat that will provide us with cancer fighting agents, like pomegranates and of course, coconut oil! Instead of feeding those cancer cells, Coconut oil provides essential nutrients that starves the cells, preventing them from waking up in the first place, forcing them to stay dormant.

7. Coconut Oil is the Ultimate Detox
There are a tonne of detox programs out there, and not all of them are good for your body. Sure you may cleanse your body of toxins, but in the process, you may lack essential nutrients which can harm other parts of your body, so you want to be careful when choosing a detox program. Luckily, coconut oil can be used as a detox, all while boosting your energy levels!

8. Coconut Oil is Essential for a Healthy Heart
Heart diseases are so common in this day and age. Yes, there are a multitude of medications available to treat heart conditions, but many of them do more harm to your body than good. Besides, why take medications when you can protect and even prevent heart conditions from occurring in the first place. When you have a consistent and regular intake of coconut oil, you’re providing your heart with an abundance of vital vitamins and nutrients to keep your heart healthy!

9. Coconut Oil Is Affective Against Yeast Buildup
It’s natural for everyone to have a small amount of yeast in their bodies, the problem
lies, when that yeast takes over and expands substantially. That’s when it can affect other parts of your body and become a life threatening issue. Coconut oil is an effective treatment against yeast and yeast like illnesses, such as Candida.

These are only some of the many benefits that you’ll learn about read you read The Alternative Daily Coconut Oil Weight Loss book!


What Is The Alternative Daily Coconut Oil Weight Loss Book?

Alternative Daily Coconut Oil Weight Loss Official Website

Are you ready to successfully incorporate all the health and wellness benefits the coconut has to offer? Sure, you can do further research yourself, which I do encourage because I’m a firm believer that you can never know too much, but The Alternative Daily Coconut Oil weight loss book, founded by Jake Carney, contains a wealth of all the information you need to know on how to efficiently integrate the coconuts health benefits into your lifestyle, and not just by eating it, but also using coconuts externally to beautify your skin and as a cleansing product.

In The Alternative Daily Coconut Oil weight loss book, you’ll learn the truth about common misconceptions regarding healthy fats, what types of coconut oil and components within the oil you should be consuming, how coconut oil can help you burn fat and lose weight, how coconuts can heal and protect you from illnesses, and exactly why and how you should be consuming coconut oil, based on the 9 reasons above. This book goes into detail about literally, everything you need to know, and it’s something that can be read over and over again. You’ll be surprised as to the amount of knowledge you can gain from this book and how much of a lifestyle change you’ll see in yourself after reading it.


What Do I Get When I Purchase The Alternative Daily Coconut Oil Weight Loss Book?

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When you purchase The Alternative Daily Coconut Oil weight loss book today, you will receive The Coconut Oil Secret book jam packed with all the information you need to know regarding coconuts and why it’s a “tropical treasure” and known as the #1 “Best Healing Superfood.”

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1. Learn how to use coconut oil as part of your daily beauty regime. Keep your skin clean, hydrated, toned, young-looking and glowing with 20 Cleansing and Anti-Aging Ways to Use Coconut Oil

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What If I Don’t Like It?

Alternative Daily Coconut Oil Weight Loss Money Back Guarantee
The Alternative Daily Coconut Oil weight loss book has a simple Money Back Guarantee Policy. If, within 60 days, for whatever reasons, you are unhappy with your purchase, you will receive a full refund! What’s even better, is just for trusting the company in the first place by making your purchase, they’ll not only give you a full refund, but they’ll still let you keep the e-book and health reports, it’s a win-win situation.