mi40xThere are so many programs out there that promise you weight loss, but what happens after you’ve lost the weight? You may be stuck with a bunch of lose skin or an average looking body, but if you really want a complete body transformation, it’s essential that you also tone your body and build muscle. Turn your body into a muscle machine, which you can do with the Mi40x. This program is used by professional fitness athletes and movie stars when they need to bulk up quickly. You want to not only look and feel amazing after you’ve lost weight, but you also want to be physically strong, and not just look like you could be strong, but actually be it.

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What Is Mi40x?

The Mi40x, created by Ben Pakulski, is a system that takes your body fat and converts it into lean muscle mass, in half the gym time as it would normally take to build that. With the Mi40x, you’ll gain weight 200% faster than you would with typical weight training and going to the gym. You’ll be able to spend less time at the gym and more time resting and eating.

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Who Can Use Mi40x?

The Mi40x can be used by any man or woman. Although this system is largely targeted towards men, women have also found amazing results with the program. Essentially, this is for anyone who desires to gain more muscle mass and become leaner.

How does Mi40x Work?

You can use the program either with your home gym or an outside gym, however there are some exercises that will be easier to do at an outside gym, simply because the equipment is already there, but if you’re experienced with your home gym, you’ll be able to find a way to make it work

After working out your muscles, your muscle fibers have a tendency to tear. When your muscle fibres tear, your body goes into repair mode, and this is usually when you need to rest your muscles for a 24 hour period so your muscle fibers are able to repair itself. This recovery time is crucial, not only for muscle repair, but it’s also the time period in which your muscles grow.

Well, the Mi40x takes advantage of that repairing time. When you purchase this system, you’ll learn about their proven technique referred to as CEP Training (Cell Expansion Protocol), which takes advantage of your muscles recovery time after a workout.

CEP Training stimulates your muscles in 4 minutes of working out and forces your muscles into hyper-recovery mode. When your muscles are stimulated, much more of your body’s satellite cells are produced and increasing the production rate of your satellite cells is the key to gaining muscle mass. This entire process is you essentially tricking your muscles so they can expand quicker.

CEP Training forces your muscles to expand, so your body has no choice, and because your body has no choice, it is forced to use your body fat as fuel for the muscle to grow. This is how the Mi40x system uses your body fat into building leaner and bigger muscles. Now, bear in mind, if you overeat, your body will use the newly consumed food as fuel instead, so as long as you stick to your normal eating habits, your body fat will be used as fuel instead.

CEP Training has specific methods of targeting each body part to ensure your workout is as efficient as possible so you can get leaner muscles.

Mi40x Official Website

What Do I Get With My Purchase?

Mi40x Exercise Execution Exercise Execution Guide:  Detailed instructions on how to do each exercise that are detailed and simple to understand.




Mi40x Training BlueprintThe CEP Blueprint:  The blueprint explains the science that goes behind the CEP Training system.




Mi40x Practical ApplicationThe CEP Practical Application Guide:  This provides you with information on how you can practically apply the CEP Training to ensure maximum muscle gain.




Mi40x Nutrition GuideThe CEP Nutrition Guide:  It’s not just about working out, you also need to eat the right foods. This book is a guideline for all the foods you should and shouldn’t eat.




Mi40x Supplement GuideThe CEP Supplement Guide:  Taking supplements is a great way to boost the amount of muscle you gain, but what and when you take supplements can influence everything. This guide will tell you how you need to be implementing supplements into your muscle plan correctly to make the most of your workouts and nutrition.



Mi40x FAQs

The CEP FAQ Guide:  Everyone has questions, and I’m sure if you can think of one, chances are someone else has also wanted to know. So a FAQ’s book was created. This included the most commonly asked questions just jam packed with useful information.




Mi40x 7 Day Primer PhaseThe 7 Day Primer Phase:  During this 7 day phase, you’re given tips on how you can prepare your body to ensure you get the most from the CEP Training program. Since this is a high intensity program, you need to get your body used to the type of extreme workout that this is. You wouldn’t want to immediately do the splits if you’ve never stretched your legs before. This acts as a sort of warmup.


Mi40x 7 Day Detox DietThe 7 Day Detox Diet:  Just as you need to prepare your body for the workout, you also need to do some internal preparation as well, and no better way to do it than to do a detox! This ensures that your calories are being used.



  • The CEP Training Video Library + Total Training Library: Just as the title says, you will receive an entire library of videos that show you all the exercises that are CEP acceptable in detail. It also includes directions for beginners, intermediates and advanced leveled muscle maximizers.
  • The CEP Rapid Start Training Video: This a short 5 minute training video to begin your process and get you started at the gym.

Mi40x Official Website

What If I Don’t Like Mi40x?


You can try the Mi40x system absolutely risk free with their 60 day full refund policy.

Mi40x come with a Triple Guarantee

  • Figure out if you’ve got what it takes to complete this program
  • Determine if the Mi40x is the most incredible workout system you’ve ever tried
  • If you don’t like the colours used, the way he speaks, or any other reason

Return the program within 60 days and receive a full refund. Best part is, you can still keep the bonuses!


Why Should You NOT Purchase Mi40x?

This program is not suitable for everyone to use. There are three main reasons why you should not purchase the Mi40x.

  • if your main goal is to lose weight (although with this program you’re able to turn your body fat directly into muscle)
  • if you don’t have the drive and determination to complete this program, this system is designed for the strong willed
  • if you don’t want to become more muscular and strong

The Mi40x is an intense program and should not be joined light heartedly. In order to be successful, it takes a lot of effort, but not to fret, those efforts will pay off, and it will show! All you got to do, is do it and stick with it. You’ll finally get that lean muscle look you’ve been looking for, and quick.

Mi40x Official Website