Mi40The Mi40 program focuses on losing weight and gaining twice the muscle in only half the amount of time than it normally would. Looking and feeling better by losing weight and visually becoming thinner is great, but it doesn’t stop there. Become physically stronger is a whole other level that will leave you feeling empowered and having more strength to do the things you couldn’t do before.

Mi40 can cut your workout times in half by treating your body as a whole organism. Mi40 maximizes your recovery, controls muscle inflammation, and balances your hormones. By targeting all three things, Mi40 results are finite and have long lasting results. Achieve your fitness goals much faster with Mi40!

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What Is Mi40?

The Mi40 system, created by Benjamin Pakulski, is a proven method that has worked for Pakulski himself during muscle competitions, and have published him in top fitness magazines. All shortcuts used to gain muscle and get leaner in less time, have been collected into one main system.

Mi40 ensures that your body is functioning correctly on the inside, so your training can be maximized on the outside. It’s the ideal program for anyone who is looking to incinerate body fat, gain muscle and become much more physically fit. Mi40 is about improving the quality of your workouts, which in return, saves you time.

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The MI in Mi40 stands for Mass Intent, which creates muscle tension, and the forty represents the proven and perfect amount of time for almost every aspect in muscle building. This includes the amount of time taken to get adjusted to a new system, the lengths of your workouts, sets & rest periods, the best exercises to do and foods to eat.

Mi40 utilizes optimal recovery for long term gain. After a strenuous workout, your body is often sore, which requires your body to go into recovery mode so it can repair itself again to alleviate that soreness. The faster you recover, the faster you can workout again to stimulate more muscle growth.

How Does Mi40 Work?  

Mi40Mi40 works to not only lose weight specifically, but also if you want to change your body structure. Mi40 stimulates your fat burning hormones so you burn fat, while increasing lean muscle mass. To activate these hormones, you work out less, but with much more intensity, Mi40 shows you exactly how to do that.

The mechanics behind Mi40 are based on two things, NOS and Intent. Neurological Overload Sets (NOS) affect your muscle growth and ability to overcome difficult challenges. With Intent, you’re learning how to “feel” your muscles, which is actually very important. Getting in touch with your body and knowing how to work your muscles out safely is an important skill. Mi40 ensures you understand the best way to push your limits, without doing serious damage.

Everything taught in the Mi40 program has been precisely calculated, specifically designed and proven to work. The length of your workouts, sets, rest periods, the exercises you perform, the order of them, and your dietary consumption, is addressed in the Mi40 program.

One cycle of Mi40 lasts for 40 days, and with every cycle you complete, you’ll experience the full force of the NOS technology, understand the affects of the number forty, Pakulski’s Three-Phase Nutrition system, and the innovative technique workouts of Intent. During the 40 days, you won’t be completing the same boring exercises, every week you’ll alternate between the types of exercises you do, keeping you on your toes, entertained and ensuring that you’re getting a full body workout.

Although each cycle of Mi40 lasts for 40 days, once you’ve completed it, you don’t need to jump back in and continue it again. The affects of the program will last beyond the 40 days. You will continue transforming and increasing in muscle because you’ve already trained your body to do so, making you achieve faster results with your workouts even when you’ve completed the program.  
Mi40 official website

What Do I Get with Mi40?

The Mi40 system comes with eight different components that all contribute to your body transformation.

Mi40 training manual

40-Day Mass Intelligence Training Manual: The Training Manual forms the base guide of the Mi40 system that explains, in detail, the exact science behind the NOS and Intent

Mi40 nutrition manual40-Day Mass Consumption Nutrition Manual: The Nutritional Manual is a step by step instruction based guide known as the Three Phase Nutrition plan. Following this for your dietary needs will increase your muscle size, while still losing body fat.


Mi40 workout videos40-Day Mass Instruction Workout Videos: Watch Ben Pakulski himself as he guides you with over 7 hours of step by step video instructions. These videos show you exactly what workouts to do, and how to do them.

Mi40 exercise execution guide40-Day Mass Proportions Exercise Execution Guide: This guide shows you 40 of the best Mass Construction and Mass Appeal exercises, clearly demonstrated in pictures showing you from start to finish how to do each move. Everything is explained in detail telling you how to shorten or lengthen your muscles natural range of motion, which is essential in increasing your muscle mass.

Mi40 official website


Mi40 workout sheets40-Day Mass Prescription Printable Workout Sheets: No need to memorize anything. These worksheets keep track of all your progress to ensure you’re successfully hitting your goals, and to keep you motivated throughout the entire process. Everything involved in the program is conveniently broken down, with additional bonus tips so all you need to do is fill in your stats.

Mi40 pursuit calendar40-Day Mass Pursuit Calendar:
Every day, of the 40-day system, is completely laid out and organized ready for you to follow. Set workout goals, track your progress, stay motivated and change your body one day at a time.

Mi40 supplement protocol40-Day Mass Supplement Stack Protocol:
The key concept behind Mi40 is the ability to gain muscle faster, and supplements help us do that by allowing our bodies to recover faster. One main factor is speeding up recover time is to reduce inflammation. The Supplement Stack Protocol tells you exactly what supplements that are most beneficial for your fitness objectives, and all at a price you can afford.


Mi40 audio interrogationSize Secrets Audio Interrogation: You can always improve on something when it comes to your fitness regime, and there are many factors to consider. This Audio Interrogation reveals rare secrets on how you can gain some serious muscle that has been proven to work by Pakulski himself.


What If I Don’t Like Mi40?

Mi40 system comes with a risk free, 60-day, money back guarantee! If for any reason you find this is not your perfect program, simply return it with no questions asked. This essentially means that you have more than enough time to fully try the entire 40-day system once, and still get your money back if you don’t get the results you want. It is literally risk free.

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Why Should You NOT Purchase Mi40?

Although the Mi40 system is very affective and you will see maximum results much faster, it’s also quite challenging to complete. This system demands a lot from your body because it exhausts your muscles and overloads your nervous system, which is the whole point of Mi40.

Even though this system does require perseverance to overcome those challenging moments, it will be worth it. As long as you read the program, follow the instructions, watch the online videos, you will see results! But you have to be willing to work hard and put in that effort. You not willing to do that is the only reason you should not purchase this program.


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