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The Venus Factor

What Is The Venus Factor?

The Venus Factor is a 12 week diet plan specifically designed for women to lose the The Venus Factor Fat Burninginitial weight, and keep the weight off. This works because The Venus Factor targets a specific hormone called Leptin that directly affects your metabolism.

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Who Created It?

The Venus Factor system was created by John Barban. Developing The Venus Factor John Barbanthis program was initially inspired by John’s sister, Lisa. John wanted to find a way to help his sister with her weight loss, so he began studying female metabolism to find a solution. As a result, he discovered an amazing way to not only help his sister lose weight, but help women all over the world to lose weight.

Who Can Use It?

The Venus Factor is a special program for women who want to lose at least 10 pounds. This program can be used by any women who are tired of other diet plans that only work for a short time period. If you follow The Venus Factor system, you’ll start to notice results quickly, many women have seen changes, albeit small, within the first week. Even if you don’t notice a big physical change within the first week, you’ll definitely begin to feel better, more energized, and refreshed.

How Can You Lose Weight?

The primary method of losing weight is by targeting your metabolism. Metabolism is your body’s ability to break down and process foods, this is directly correlated with you losing weight. Some lucky individuals naturally have a high metabolism. When you have a high metabolism, your body is able to breakdown the food you eat much quicker, and because it’s able to do it quicker, your body converts less of that into fat. So the theory is, if you’re able to increase the speed of your metabolism, your body breaks down the food faster and the end will result in you losing weight.

John Barban has realized that the speed of your metabolism can be increased by high levels of Leptin. This is exactly what Barban’s 12 week diet plan targets. Each ingredient and meal is carefully constructed to increase the rate of which your body metabolizes food and produces Leptin. It’s not just about what you eat, it’s about when and how you eat it.

The biggest problem with most fad diets, isn’t necessarily because those diets don’t work, but once the diet is over, you gain back all that weight you’ve lost. With The Venus Factor, you can lose the weight, and keep the weight off! This is because it’s an entire lifestyle that you’re adapting yourself to. The two biggest fears that I had before beginning this diet, is one, that I wouldn’t enjoy the food I was subjected to eat, and two, not being able to stick with the diet plan. Boy did those fears disappear quickly. I was so surprised to find out that I was able to eat some of my favourite foods, while still being able to lose weight. Who would have thought!?

That’s the best part about The Venus Factor 12 week diet plan. Since its focus is to increase Leptin levels and your Metabolism, which occurs in your body naturally during certain time periods, as long as you target those main contributing factors to increasing those levels, you can still eat your favorite foods like pizza and chocolate. Due to the entire concept of this 12 week diet plan, those two fears I had that I mentioned earlier, completely went away. I was able to enjoy the food I ate, and because I enjoyed the food, it was easier to commit in completing the diet.

Not only is the concept of The Venus Factor different from other fad diets, but it was also different in the fact that during the diet, I had no ridiculous food cravings and I always seemed to have sufficient energy. I didn’t need my usual mid-day power nap.

I would have to say overall, the best part to participating in this 12 week diet plan, is once it’s complete, my weight didn’t come back.

The Venus Factor Official Website

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What Do I Get With My Purchase?

After your purchase, you’ll have immediate access to the 12 week diet plan, workout videos and an online community of fellow members.

12 Week Diet Plan 

The Venus Factor 12 Week Diet Plan

  • The diet plan gives you step by step instructions on the best ingredients and meals to eat when and how to guarantee that you’re losing weight as efficiently as possible.

143 Workout Videos

The Venus Factor Workout Videos

  • As a bonus, to match the 12 week diet plan, you’ll also receive access to 143 workout videos, specifically designed with women in mind. You’ll not only learn the most effective exercises for us women to do, but you’ll also learn exactly how to do them, the technique, so you actually do the exercises correctly and get the most out of them.

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Venus Immersion 

  • The Venus Factor ImmersionOne of the biggest reasons for someone failing in anything, is lack of support, especially regarding weight loss. Losing weight is an entire personal transformation, not just physically, but mentally too. If you’re embarking on this adventure alone, it can be a scary and intimidating journey, and often times, these emotions can stray someone away from completing their goal in losing weight. It doesn’t even have to be regarding emotions, sometimes we just get caught up with everything occurring in our own lives, so really anything can distract someone from completing the program. This is why Venus Immersion is an invaluable bonus that’s being included when you purchase The Venus Factor. Venus Immersion is an online community of fellow members who have all tried The Venus Factor, and can provide you with motivational support to help you accomplish your ideal weight.The Venus Factor Immersion Example

You’re not just getting access to the tools you need to successfully lose weight, but you’re also getting an education in nutrition and fitness.

What If I Don’t Like The Program?

The Venus Factor Money Back Guarantee

I’m being completely honest here, the only reason why I even initially considered purchasing The Venus Factor, is because of its money back guarantee. At any point within the 60 days, if you’re not happy with the results you’ve been getting or for whatever other reason, simply contact The Venus Factor and with no hassles, you’re getting your money back. What’s even better, is because you’ll start noticing results quickly, you have more than plenty of enough time to decide if you want to stick with the program. Try it completely risk free, you literally have nothing to lose and only everything to gain!

The Venus Factor Official Website