PH360 makes staying healthy and keeping track of your weight loss progress as easy as possible. It’s all about leading a healthy life in every aspect. Your fitness regime, dietary habits, environment and genes all play a role in you being healthy. PH360’s interactive and intuitive technology manages your health so you can maximize your body’s full potential to stay healthy, lose weight and feel good.

What Is PH360?

 PH360 is a membership health, fitness and food program that addresses every factor of your life to ensure you’re maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. PH360 stands for Personal PH360Health that is viewed from a 360-degree angle. It’s important to not only think of your physical health, but your mental health as well, and that’s what PH360 does. This system focuses on different areas of your life that affect your overall well-being, which includes emotional, physical, professional, environmental and social.

PH360 provides suggestions that are specifically tailored and customized for your body and lifestyle. All advice is based upon your Personal Health Assessment that takes into account
your body measurements. After scientifically calculating your stats, PH360 delivers a full lifestyle report that includes your personalized Body Profile, and health information pertaining specifically to you.

Everybody’s body is different, that’s why each report generated is only for you and as you change, PH360 changes with you. You’ll receive customized fitness training and up to date health advice in all areas of life so you can live healthier and more balanced. PH360 is like your own personal daily doctor that advices you on the best way to live your everyday life, although in no way should it actually replace you going to the doctors.

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How Do I Use PH360?

PH360Setting up and getting started with PH360 is easy with three simple steps. The first step is to create your body profile, which includes measuring your body. Step two is where you discover all the secrets about yourself based on the information given in step one. Step three, is actually putting step two into action to you can live a healthier and more balanced life.

When completing your Personal Health Assessment, PH360 takes into account your physical measurements, health goals, behaviors, habits and general lifestyle. PH360’s Body Profile is then scientifically generated based on your assessment responses, with information in six primary categories: fitness, food, mind, environment, career, and social. Your Body Profile is tailor made for you, and it represents who you are. You are given specific advice on how you can achieve your health objectives based on how you already live your life.

Every morning, simply log on to the PH360 dashboard to view and follow your daily advice. Anytime a stat changes in your assessment or body measurements, your information is updated with new suggestions, results, and benchmarks to get you another step closer to your goal. Even if you back track a bit, PH360 will consider that too and make the appropriate adjustments to ensure you get back to completing your goal.

Ph30 will deliver results in as little as three days. Although these changes will be mainly mental, physical results will also begin to show usually around the two to three-week mark. Experience improvements in your weight loss and fitness levels, plus become more mentally stable and overall, happier. Introduce yourself to a whole new, optimistic and better feeling version of yourself… unleash the inner you.

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Science Behind PH360

PH360 generates your unique lifestyle report using complex algorithms, derived from a wide variety scientific methods that date back for generations and have been proven to work. Sciences such as Anthropometry, Endocrinology, Embryology, Ancestry & Genetic Lineage, Neuropsychology, Phenotypical Traits, Semeiotics, Exposomics, Geomedicine, Molecular Biology, Chronobiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, are all taken into consideration, in addition to the information you input, to develop your perfect plan.

PH360 Science

PH360 uses all the information compiled and determines your current health status. It then takes your health goals into consideration and formulates a plan for all aspects of your life. Working out excessively or following a strict diet plan to lose weight or get fit, only gets you so far, and even then, it still takes a strong willed mind to help push you through challenging moments. Often times, that’s when people give up, but that’s what makes PH360 a powerful program. Your personalized advice covers your basic fitness and food needs, but it also takes care of your mental status, social aspect, your environment and your career. If you’re able to maintain a balanced life in other areas besides fitness and food, your weight loss or fitness goals will result it much more success.

What Do I Get with PH360?

Purchasing either a monthly or yearly PH360 membership will grant you full access to everything you need to live a more balanced and healthier life, all while being able to lose weight and finally achieve your long awaited fitness desires.

  • Customized advice only for you
  • Personal fitness guide tailor made for your body, over 1000 exercises
  • Over 700 food items ranked best for your own overall wellness
  • Insights into your neurotransmitters, hormonal system and your thought processes
  • Vacation planning guide so you’re in the flow with your Body Profile and circadian rhythms. Rejuvenate yourself at the optimal time to get the most of your needed break.PH360
  • A skill calculator that focuses on up to 18 of your natural talents to help tailor a career that better suits you
  • Learn about your social compass which allows you to explore what social situations will either energize you, or completely drain you.
  • Understand over 6 targeted environments that most affect your health
  • Easy to understand step by step video instructions
  • More than 10,000 data points and over 500 physical measurements to help calculate your personalized Body Profile. Ensures that the data provided is as accurate as possible to your specific health and fitness requirements.
  • Visually track the progress of your stats so you can see how you’re doing in relation to your goals.
  • Smart learning software that adjusts the advice provided from your feedback. The more PH360 learn about you, the more tailored your advice is.
  • Keep your advice current with unlimited updates. Anytime something changes, update PH360 to ensure you’re receiving the best advice specifically for you.
  • Not satisfied with your results? No problem, cancel the membership at any time.

PH360 Retreats

Just in case you’d like a more hands on experience with your PH360 system, there are also exclusive week long retreats hosted multiple times a year, across the globe. These retreats PH360consist of days filled with personal training from body workers, musculoskeletal therapists, health & exercise scientists, coaching & culinary experts and energy medicine practitioners.

PH360 retreats are complete transformation packages that focus on enhancing your mental clarity, and becoming physically healthier. Every day you partake in meditation, yoga, bodywork, treatments & healing sessions, professional health assessments, personalized workout activities & meals, and so much more. These retreats leave you relaxed, energized, peaceful, physically looking and feeling better, and much more balanced in your everyday life.

PH360 official website