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Old School New Body understands, that as you age, your body loses its elasticity, you begin to naturally lose muscle mass every year and your body ages significantly faster than what it normally would. With all these changes happening to your body, not only can you physically look older, but also feel older on the inside. Many also notice that their body weight begins to increase. Some blame their eating habits, others blame lack of exercise, but most people tend to blame their age. They think all these changes are inevitable because they’re getting older and think there’s nothing they can do about it besides to embrace these new changes. Well, they’re wrong, there is something that can be done, no matter what age you are.

There are 5 things you can apply to your everyday lives that will help you look 10 years younger!

Forget Low Fat Diets: Despite what you’ve heard, your body needs fat in its system to produce the appropriate hormones it needs. There are such things as good fats, the problem is knowing which fats are good, which ones to stay away from, and how much fat should you consume.

  • Stop Exercising Strenuously: You’d be surprise to know that often times, exercising for long periods or very vigorously, can speed up the aging process. This is because the free radicals in your body increase, and an increase in free radicals are what speed up the aging process.
  • Age is Nothing but a Number: Forget how old you are. Not because age can make you forget naturally, but because age is nothing but a number, and it should never stop you from achieving any of your goals. This is easier said than done, you have to train your mind to stop letting your age affect you. If you’re constantly thinking of how old you are, how you’re aging, getting older, etc., it subconsciously will affect you, making you feel older than you actually are.
  • Avoid Dehydration: Not only does drinking water decrease your hunger and improve the look of your skin, but water also burns fat. When you’re dehydrated, your liver has to help your kidneys proves toxins instead of doing one of its core jobs, which is to burn fat. Drinking more water lets your organs to what they need to do, so your liver can focus on burning body fat.
  • Exercise Less: It’s about working out hard, not long. The F4X Training System that comes with Old School New Body, only has 4 core exercises that take a few minutes to do, but will make a large and effective impact on your overall body shaping goals.


What is Old School New Body?

Old School New Body is a total body shaping system created by Steve Holman, editor of Iron Man Magazine, and his wife, Becky Holman.Old School New Body Creators Steve & Becky Holman Old School New Body Creators Steve & Becky Holman Their philosophy is simple, to help you feel and look younger by reversing the aging process through fitness and nutrition. No matter your age, whether you’re 35, or 75, this program can work for you. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to lose weight, increase your muscle, tone and sculpt your body, or do all three, this system provides you with the tools and knowledge you need to effectively achieve whatever body shape you desire.

The fastest way to lose weight and tone your body is by resistance training. The theory is to work hard on your exercises, and to spend less time doing them. With Old School New Body, you are in total control the entire time of how you want your body to look. Lose as much weight as you need to lose, and gain as much muscle as you want. It’s your body, let it look and feel how you want it to.

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How Does Old School New Body Work?

Following the Old School New Body system will only require you to work out for 90 minutes a week, in total! Yes, you read correct. The amount of time the average person spends at the gym on a daily basis, is the amount you’ll be exercising every week. Best part is, you can do the exercises in your own home. It’s recommended to do theses at the gym, mainly because of the equipment they already have there, but it’s not necessary. You’ll be provided with the know-how to adapt your household items into work out equipment. No longer can you say that you don’t have the time to work out.

The core program of Old School New Body consists of 3 phases, all included in The Focus4 Exercise Protocol (F4X).

  • Phase 1 is your time to get LEAN. This includes a meal plan specifically designed to whatever your weight loss goal is. Some people even achieve their desired results after phase 1.
  • Phase 2 allows you to SHAPE your body. Move on to phase 2 after you’ve begun to lose all te weight you wanted from phase 1. In this phase, you adjust your exercise and nutrition plan slightly. This uses the muscles you’ve developed from phase 1 to burn even more fat giving you the muscular shape you want.
  • Phase 3 you BUILD. Again, you’re simply adjusting your exercise and nutrition plan to increase your muscular strength even more than in phase 2.

You start with phase 1. Once you’ve achieved your goal in phase 1 by losing all the weight you want, you then move on to phase 2. After you’ve accomplished what you wanted to in phase 2, you then move on to phase 3. In each phase you have total control of your body shape, so whenever you’re happy with the result in one phase, you can move on to the next, or just stop.


What Do I Get With Old School New Body?

When you purchase Old School New Body, you’ll get:

  • F4X Quick Start Workout Guide: Old School New Body Workout GuideThe workout guide covers the essential 3 phases, LEAN, SHAPE and BUILD. You just pick the body shape you want, then follow the system for that body type.




  • FREE! “Burn Fat Faster!”: Old School New Body Fat Burning SecretsThis includes things you can do naturally in your everyday lives to help your body burn fat faster. You’ll learn stuff like why sleeping naked makes you leaner, how you can incorporate heat to increase your fat burning, and what types of desert and foods in general can boost your metabolism




Old School New Body Official Button

  • FREE! “Build More Muscle: Natural Anabolics!” Old School New Body Muscle Building Secrets
    Find out exactly how to increase your muscle mass and get ripped by knowing what types of food, nutrients and minerals to consume.






  • FREE! Sex and Attraction Boosters And Anti-Aging Secrets!”: Old School New Body Sex & Anti Aging SecretsLearn which nutrients reduce wrinkles, what herbs will stimulate hair growth, ways to sleep better and how to heighten your sex drive.







  • FREE! “Live the Good Life: Health & Happiness Tactics!”:  Old School New Body Health Happiness SecretsThere are 6 factors to increase your happiness and reduce depression, learn what those 6 factors are, and how you can live a healthier and happier life.



You’ll receive everything above for just one low price! Look and feel younger today, don’t let your age hold you back!

What If I Don’t Like It?

Old School New Body Money Back GuaranteeThe F4X Youth-Enhancing Bodyshaping System For Men and Women

Old School New Body has a 60 day Money Back Guarantee. Try their system, if you don’t see the fast results that you were expecting, no matter what your body shaping goal is, they’ll give you a full refund! Even if you don’t like the overall service you received, or if purchasing the system proved to be difficult, the same 60 day policy applies. You’ll get 100% of your money back.


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