7 Benefits of Rollerblading

7 Benefits of Rollerblading

benefits of rollerblading

Rollerblading is one of the best activities to help you lose a lot of calories and burn fat, yet it’s often overlooked and underappreciated. At first glance, it may not seem like it takes much effort to rollerblade, however it’s a skill that is useful and can provide many physical and mental health benefits. Combining correct form, a trail with inclines, and interval training, rollerblading can help you burn up to 1000 calories per hour. Here is a list of other benefits you gain with inline skating.

  1. Cardio + Endurance: Rollerblading enhances your cardio, stamina and muscle endurance levels. Running is a popular method of getting a great cardio workout in, but it also has a lot of impact on your body. Rollerblading is an excellent way to get a high level cardio workout, without damaging your body. To get an even better workout, find a path that has a variety of inclines.
  2. Full Body Workout: Rollerblading requires your entire body to be active so everything from your arms down to your feet get a workout. It’s especially great for your lower body, you’ll gain muscle and tone your legs, glutes, hips and lower back. Swinging your arms gives them a work out, and the concept of balancing on rollerblades demands your core abdomen muscles to be used.
  3. Increases Balance + Coordination: In order to rollerblade, you need to be able to balance and coordinate your entire body. In fact, many professionals use rollerblading as a tool to increase these skills in athletes. When skating, you end up balancing on one foot for a few seconds, then switching to the next, this requires you to balance.
  4. Low Impact Workout: Working out can put a lot of pressure on your joints and muscles, especially when you run. These pressures can cause short term and long term physiological effects. Rollerblading puts much less effort on your body, while still being able to burn a lot of calories.
  5. Better Sleep: Exercising in general, no matter what it is, is a good remedy for better sleep. Doing physical activity regularly can not only keep you energized during the day, but in the evening, your body and mind will feel more ready to fall asleep. If you’re struggling with insomnia and don’t exercise regularly, then this should be added to your daily routine as the first step.
  6. Convenient: Rollerblading is a convenient and eco-friendly way to travel places nearby. Instead of hopping in your car, grab your blades and go. They’re easy to hold and easy to take off and switch into shoes.
  7. Great Relaxer: There’s something very serene about listening to your music, while gliding along a smooth trail. Rollerblading is a great way to relax and momentarily escape the hecticness of everyday life. Since you’re exercising, your body is releasing endorphins into your system which will make you even more happier and reduce your stress levels.

As a result of all the benefits that comes with rollerblading, you’re able to lose weight, become fitter, more muscular, toned, relaxed, balanced, and overall, feeling a lot better inside and out.

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